SimplyABA | Malak

Hi, I'm Malak. Welcome to Simply ABA (it’s my site name but I’m no expert; I’m one of the dummies). I like to write. I like to think. Sometimes I like to write what I think about. I don't always make sense but who does these days? I’m a hardcore lover of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) - work, study, life (although, I’m trying really hard not to let ABA take over my personal life which, if you’re familiar with it, is pretty f*cking difficult).

I love all things Special Education and allowing people of determination (that’s what we like to call ‘special needs’) access to everything everyone else. I’m a hardcore enthusiast, supporter, and ally of anyone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I’m just here to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with the world and anyone who’s interested (which might not be a lot of people but you do you).

There’s a relatively small group of people who despise ABA, I’m well aware of that. If you’re one of those people, get in touch! I’d love to discuss. (Count how many times I’ve said “love” and “hardcore”). As is that group, there is also a relatively large group of people that misuse their practices; they use ABA as a way to control someone which is WRONG. It’s that simple. If you stick around and read a bit more of my writing, I’ll sway you. Just wait.

I study, I work, I think, I write. Thanks for being here!