A wacky Primary Science teacher who spends most of the day running around, prepping for crazy hands-on lessons, Pinterest-ing new ideas and eventually executing them! I love igniting creativity in my kids, leading them to what they aspire, letting them explore and watching that spark in their eyes as they learn something knew.
I am the morning person people hate:P
I'm the one that walks into work on a Monday morning with a huge smile on my face and an enthusiasm worth, literally, my girls want to kill me!
Well, yes I LOVE my job, but that ain't it!
A bear immense affection for DIYs and crafting, bearing an unparalleled love for writing and food!
-be it cooking scrumptious dishes or getting stuffed with divine food!
-slumping in the couch with a good read (once in a blue moon) or netlfixing! :p

Currently spending 12 of my 18 hours of being awake in the kitchen! Ingredients are my muse. When i look at them, I don't see what they are, I see what they can become. What I can create out of them. I love making food for others, watching them eat, with a big smile on their faces, ahh. So worth it!

Headed back to the kitchen!


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