Deb Villines


Hello there Bloggers;
To list a few of my accomplishments; I graduated my Masters' Degree; Business Administration, in Healthcare; ( but, I wanted to add, I have been diagnosed, with 'ADD' which is;
'Attention-Devastate-Disorder,' what this is, I have a short attention span, and its hard to focus on one thing at a time, at times for me. Also, as a kid, I seen my numbers and letters backwards, just a few; but I like things to be perfect, and I hate making mistakes, as an adult. I out grew all these issues, as a kid, I was in resource classes, in grade school,) I out grew these problems, at an early age in high school, and my grades slowly increased, mostly I was an average student in high school, but in a University I was above average, receiving A's and b's, I soon over come this issues with alot of determination, and will power.
Here you will find, different blogs, and stories as well as poetry, about my own hobbies, such as quilting, crocheting, cooking and gardening, oh I am learning how to make Dream catchers too... I have also been known to play the piano, as a kid growing up, and I know a few cords on the guitar, my father taught me, just enough for a few camp songs;
Hope you all enjoy your stay here, and please don't hesitate to leave a likes or comment. Happy reading;) And stay safe, and blessed...

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