Here is a little about me, should you be interested?
I live in Wiltshire, with my gorgeous man and our wonderful 2 children.

My love of colour, crafts, crochet, food, gardening, cooking and travelling comes from my childhood; living and travelling in colourful, vibrant countries; Nigeria, Mallorca, Kiribati, and Australia.

My father’s love of travelling, exploring, gardening, raising our livestock, and being self-sufficient. His wonderful paintings, which now adorn our walls.
My love of cooking and sharing food surrounded by friends and family, laughter and children.
And of course the Mammy Wagon herself, who brings a smile to all our faces every time we climb into her, to start another adventure.
Of all of these I will be posting and sharing. Our experiences and adventures on the road, my love of making things. Some of which I will share with you, with tips and snips of all things beautiful.


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