I play a Shadow Priest on one of the last servers ever created. I wouldn't leave the community we have here for all the progression in the world. Marathal#1809

I use to spend time on Twitter talking to people about WoW. Over the years I have tried my hand at several blogs. Some short lived, some were around for some time. I did away with all of them. I found myself trying to express into a blog the things that I was dealing with in game. But it only served to make me question why I even played.

The original, or well the second? Blog was 140 characters is not enough. I originally started it because Twitters limit just never made for a good format to answer someone or express thoughts.

As I have a lot of thought to leaving Social media and Twitter behind it was for my self. I had to just leave. There are a great deal of wonderful people. But it is also a mine field of misinterpreted comments and conclusions jumped. It can be a great place to socialize and interact, but also can be a pit you can fall into and not escape. In the end I have gone back to just doing what I enjoy most. Reading, making an occasional comment, and talking to people.

My views on the game may not be the same as others. Where some may be having the time of their lives playing, I may be frustrated and struggling. It can't be a game where you are the target audience all the time. And it is important to remember that at times when you were struggling, people did not admonish you when you were. I may not agree with everyone. But they have the right to an opinion.