Hi there, I'm a divorced Mom with two teenage sons. I'm also someone living with Complex PTSD and I have dissociative episodes at times related to flashbacks of my past traumas. I am an author of three books of poetry entitled "Emotional Musings", "My Soul's Language" and "My Heart's Song". All are available on Amazon. I'm always interested in new ideas and information that can better our society and the human condition as a whole. In June 2019 I embarked upon a spiritual awakening and a higher consciousness as an empath which has empowered me by helping me understand my soul's purpose in this dance called life. I'm a loving and giving person who values those qualities in others. We are all connected and require love and care. I strive to spread kindness, love, peace and light to all I may encounter. My main writing focus is on my emotions, my journey as an intuitive, emotional and physical empath and how those two things impact my creativity and evolvement. I'm also a psychic channel and shamanic healer. I hold both in person and long distance sessions that balance the chakra system and reconnect the soul to its purpose.

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