Marilyn Ryman

I am a mum, retired, keen gardener and seeker of all experiences life can offer. I live in the beautiful Blackall Ranges behind the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. This is a great spot with a mild climate most of the year. The sun shines and the rain falls making it the ideal spot for gardening. The grass grows exceptionally well!. Occasionally we sleep in cloud for a little longer than most people on the coast below us.

I have had a life changing moment as I'm sure many of you out there have had.

Some years ago now, I slipped on some goose manure left by my lovelies at my front door. I broke a femur ...badly! This began a saga of operations, hospitals, medication, pain and much sorrow. Everything I once did became almost impossible, my work, my garden, my relationship. The medication broke down my natural rhythms and the pain broke my spirit. I am here today trying to write again, still dealing with a daily pain factor, but loving life.

Then I asked for someone to show me what I knew was there! That person came and helped me redirect my thinking and my life. Many others followed.

One does not get to practise at living a lifetime. This is it, not a rehearsal, so be present in every moment of every day and make it the most loving moment you can possibly share.

Only you can do that. Enjoy!

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