Carla Lynne Kluss, is recognized as an international model who has been published in Swimwear Illustrated and graced the stage with world famous bands and actors. She was the wife of a Canadian Rockstar’s son, and the mother of four gorgeous humans, a girl and three boys. Aside from living and working in Japan for five years, she’s had a varied career. She’s been a government worker, owned a modeling agency and a casting agency for blockbuster movies, been a maker of aromatherapy candles for the oldest and longest surviving department store in Canada, been a public speaker and had her own clothing line. Underneath all of her illustrious achievements she is a warm and charitable human who spends a great deal of her time being in service to others. Her poetry and art is filled with insights that she draws from her personal experiences travelling around the world. She will make you laugh, cry, sigh and most importantly feel.