Time to update this column, as my idea has changed a little bit ;)

From the very beginning, this blog was supposed to dedicated on travels only.... but this idea seemed a little bit boring to me. During my creative break, I wandered visiting different places, reading different works, giving up and rising up to finally came to the conclusion that my mind is too chaotic to focus on one thing. Anyway, I still need a place to off-load my thoughts, so here we are! I will be writing about everything that just comes to my mind :) - seems chaotic, right? Yea, this is how my brain works, but don't worry, to keep it organise a little, I will be using categories, so if you are here for a trip advises, you will need to check post assigned to travel categories. Otherwise, I would like to encourage you to check out also more social related topics ;)

Hope to see you soon!

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