Moments in Time


Welcome to my blog page!
My name is Maryann Stephanie Nwaokoro, I am the writer of this blog, i both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Philosophy (2014 and 2018 )respectively. I currently work as a community worker and Human Resource Personnel with a non-profit organization.
The idea of "Moments in Time" came as a passing thought, while I was rounding up my graduate program in philosophy. I wanted to explore more on my writing and also find a connection with the people around me. I found out that, i have more thoughts than actual words, and the best way to let these thoughts out is through writing hence, the initiation of "Moments in Time"
Sticking around will be entertaining, you will read and listen to stories that reveal vulnerabilities, on faith, lifestyle, happiness and what makes us human, because really, all these are actually what makes us human.