Mary Chang Story Writer: Inspiration, Creativity, Self-Empowerment

Stories inspired by exercise, humour & real people. Life journey is about sparking your internal fire and finding your shine. I'm an award-winning short story fiction writer, published memoir writer, blogger, and lifelong "work in progress" striving towards becoming a better person, parent, and writer. Writing self-empowers me to share my voice and may inspire you to create your own stories or reflect on your own life journey.

I capture life's moments that make me self-reflect, laugh, cry, scream, be curious, draw me into the past, or somewhere new that scares me. Sometimes I tell a story in six words, sometimes in thousands. Someday, a novel.

People who read my stories sometimes laugh, cry, nod, reflect, swear, or ask for more. Sometimes they don't. I hope that you do.