Hello, my name is Mary and this year 2020 I turned 30 years old! I was very very insecure and depressed about turning 30! I even cried! I remember when i was 20 calling 30 year old "old" and I had thought by 30 i would have had my own family by now but i don't and instead of choosing to be sad and envious of others, I decided to be happy and accept my age. And i couldn't change anything about my age, so i wanted to embrace it. So I decided to change the way I thought. Now i have a different perspective. See 30 is actually the perfect age. It's not to old and not too young. It is a respectable age because Jesus started His mission at age 30. See, sometimes when your too young people will look down at you, and your not as experienced as the older folks. But sometimes when your too old, you might be too old school or outdated. I actually wrote this book "God, change me inside" within a few months. Even though I was crying on my 30th birthday and wanting to go back to being 20. I knew i didn't want to live in self- pity and if i only had a few years left of my life I wanted to make the best of my life RIGHT NOW! So my book is on change in the inside. See change starts inside in our thoughts and beliefs. My hope is that it inspires you and changes the way you think!