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Matte Blk

@matteblk As a NearDeathExperiencer, only 2 realms after we kick-the-bucket, wildchild, and 1 of em aint too cool ... Meet me Upstairs in 7thHeaven. WooHoo! Lets party!!

lotsa peepow donta wanna find God till TheEnd which ain't very wise - sHe only looks upon the willingness to let go of the transitory in this feeble, finite façade by honoring/serving the Trinity (and repenting at your bedside every night): exactly how YOU!! become a bulletproof, full-tilt, wild-child-saint in Treasure-Beyond-Measure 7thHeaven!!!! ---> Solution? Think dịfferənt rather than indifferent. God! Blessa! Youse! ---> ...skuze d'Noo Joisey axent, kapiche?

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