Matte Blk

Being a NDEr, hellfire totally aint cool: indifference divides U.S. from the axiom.

FACT: WWIIIs imminent. Why?
God sees no other Way for
stopping the mortal sins of
homosexuality. abortion.
Planned Parenthood.
whorizontal attitudes...
yet, there's a Way out:
Don't purchase food!!!
Git on your knees!!!

FACT: After the Rapture,
demons disguised as 'aliens'
shall appear in their 'spacecraft'
demanding you follow/worship
(they're evil, fallen angels -
trust'n ~JESUS~ alone).
*DO NOT* go inside!

FACT: there shall come a time when
you must choose between taking the
Mark o'Beast or being guillotined.
I'd git the ol noggin sliced-off:
you WILL become a saint
(me? I'd prefer to be -blessed b9).
God has only two Rules;
I'd suggest you look'm up.

FACT: you're nthn... I'm nthn...
yet, Upstairs, you're everything
you wanna be4eternity. Coming?

Fear me, Satan.
I fear God, fool.