Matte Blk

Im a NDEr: 7thHeaven is Upstairs, NOT what El Diablo says ---> Follow me to the Elysian Fields so we can party-hardy, ya beautiful, wonderfull, adorable, magnificent, stunning girl...

We're soooo not P/R;
yet we so invite YOU
to follow us Upstairs
away from this feeble,
fallible, finite façade:
this universe is only so
large; then we shall go faaar
beyond to oemnillionsXinfinity,
past the brevity of humanity.

...yeeeers Upstairs writing our
effusive epiphany - legendary,
raww!kuss, endorphins-O-moxie
with full-throttle-VitSee, missNRGbabe:
on our literal .44-caliber, BOMB!astic,
zepher-like-passion, YOUTHwitheTRUTH,
Whoa, Nelly! Easy, girl!!

miss HokeyPokey,
miss dizzyNdirge!!
Ma§terpeace in
goofy, exquisite
...I'm DYING to meet you, too, lil1!
Let's write4eternity in d'B.O.M.M.
(BigOlMajesticMansion) and other
priceless, explosive exponentials!!
sHe's also an eternity of paper/pens.

Wanna summorra this
full-size-reality, this
from an intense iconoclast,
ya gorgeous, wild flower??
C'mon! Lil-Time-2-Waste
to do the 'Lux Mundi'!!!
[Latin: Light o'the World -
1 Corinthians 11:1]
God blessa youse!!
(skuze d'New Joisey axent)
-Msr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, esq.

PS: don't buy a worthless, Obomba shelter; exceed-Austin POW!ers-extravaganza:
---> Accept JESUS, ya wild card.