Mauro Sulcis


Mauro is a former Italian Professional Kick-Boxing Champion (full contact) and is also a fully-qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer with experience in delivering a wide range of programmes and classes to all levels of fitness.
He has been working in DUBLIN as a personal trainer,MMA,kickboxing and self defence coach since 2004 in both public and corporate gyms.
After 15 years of working in the fitness industry, his open and friendly personality along with his innovative and effective training methods have won him many friends in the fitness and martial arts world.
He has experience in a wide range of disciplines including Boxing,Taekwondo,Thai Boxing,Kickboxing ,Capoeira, Brasilian ju jutzu and Wing Chung as well as acrobatics,parkour and break dancing.
Mauro is the founder of a new method of self defence called ISCUDI MARTIAL ART.
He is also the proud father of the wonderful Ciara and Sheena Sulcis,future martial artist and probable world leader. And I'm not biased.😂

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