Marsha Beede

Prior Lake, MN

I carry value in philosophy when it comes to motivation and setting goals.

I am a freelance writer, motivational life coach within the community. My work extends into social media networking and barriers that sometimes keeps a person stuck pondering endlessly as it may seem to one from time-to time.

Most written content on this blog site, as well, other wordpress site affiliated to this domain are protected under Copyright © with the exception of a few whom are acknowledged for their talents.

Mindfulness has become a way of life for me and I share my experiences with those whom seek to find meaningful balance in life.

Finding ways to cope with life stressors, as well, to think outside the box.

To place understanding into a different perspectives that may at times be hindered by ones own thought process.

To define meaning into the theory of all things that may place ones thought process into state doubts; questions one may desire to find and/or at times embrace burden of truths.

To find willingness to know that sometimes thoughts serve no other purpose than to simply be fleeting and/or thoughts that do not warrant a emotional response.

To allow ones thoughts to freely pass and stay in the present moment.

Lets take a walk into the world of mindfulness...

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