Meara Dietrich

Hello, welcome to my blog! I hold an MA in French Literature, and my master's thesis reflected on the realistic aspect of female servants in French literature, one of whom was Brangien, lady-in-waiting to Isolde. The Tristan and Isolde "story" first intrigued me in my undergraduate medieval French literature class and stayed with me. As I developed my graduate thesis, studying the modern French translations of the Tristan and Isolde texts, the latter mostly from the 12th century, I extrapolated what I could from the scant information about Brangien. This felt meaningful yet also dissatisfying. I hunger to know more about Brangien, and since I enjoy creative pursuits, I am currently writing a novella in order to try to answer my own questions. This blog is one way to explore who she could be. I will try to remain true to what I learn(ed) from the Tristan and Isolde texts and to my vision of Brangien (i.e. embellishments will not be found in the original texts), as well as medieval history, as an art, not a science. I am also a knitter so you may see the crafting bug manifest. Please feel free to leave a comment if you like. Thanks!