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A good tarot reader is not just a clairvoyant but also someone with a caring heart. And that is the most endearing quality Megha Sehgal, a Delhi-based Tarot Reader possess. While predictions and guidance through tarot cards are her forte, happy clients often praise her virtue of being an excellent listener and an even better guide.
Megha Sehgal is a trained tarot reader and counselor with an experience of 2 years in online and offline tarot reading under the brand name ‘Divine Guidance.’ Her guidance and predictions for life, career, relationships, and other aspects of life have helped several people worldwide. She offers advice on
Relationships, love, money, business, connecting to your higher power, all subjects are welcomed.
Along being the tarot card reader, she is also a freelance content writer. She discovered her love for writing back in her teens and wrote many poems and articles. She has worked with many websites as a content writer.
Megha’s spiritual journey began in the year 2015 when she answered her spiritual calling. She studied Reiki and Tarot course. Soon, she found more peace in healing and helping people than in her corporate career as a Process Developer. It was a tough choice for her to leave her job, but she decided to follow her heart and pursue Tarot Reading full time. Not merely a job for her, tarot reading is her way of reaching out to people seeking guidance.
Meanwhile, she was also graced to meet her spiritual guru, Shri Vishal Shripaul, who guided her with powerful meditations and simple thought processes. He is the one who gave her the firm foundations on her life and passion for tarot card reading, content writing, and way of living. She seeks and follows only V guidance in every area of life.
She has a firm belief in God since her childhood and the great believer of guidance in astrology – Zodiac signs and Tarot Card Reading.
According to her words, “I believe that all sorts of western and eastern predictions of destiny are the guidance from God. “
Bring up and brought up in Delhi. She is the true lover of Delhi. Academically, She is graduated from Delhi University with B.A (Arts) Course and completed the post-graduation in Human Resource from Symbiosis Pune. She has ten years of MNC experience and, after that, pursued her dream work – Tarot Card Reading and Reiki healing. She has seen miracles happening through meditation and Reiki healing in stress reduction, relaxation in every possible way, and healing any physical pain.

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