Melanie Lichtinger

Victoria BC Canada

"TIME is Energy.
Time is Consciousness.

Follow the current of life and universal energy-in-time!
Be with the natural laws of the universe!
Consciously align with your unique planetary energies and cycles.
Live and embody the potential of your Self!
Dwell in the still point - the hub of the wheel!"

Astrology based consultations with Melanie Lichtinger help you identify and honour the Archetypes in your 'inner landscape', and their cycles in your life - so that you are free from unconsciously identifying yourself WITH them.
This new consciousness is liberating, empowering, and can be a turning point.

Available for private consultations, customized coaching and mentoring, as well as a wide array of workshops and courses.
Focusing on archetypal awareness and liberation through Astrology.

My work with clients and groups in private practice in Victoria BC and worldwide (via Skype and travel) since 2000 keeps evolving as human consciousness does, and I'm loving it!

Welcoming you to a New Astrology!

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