Melanie Flores Bernholz

Paderborn, Alemania

Born in 1995 and raised in Andorra, Melanie Flores Bernholz is a painter and writer. She speaks Spanish, German, Catalan, French and English and has published “Sobre poesía y alguna que otra cortesía” (2020) and “Poesía jonda” (EsPoesía, 2021) and is part of the “Sparkipoemi Anthology” (2021). Her last published work is a storybook written in German titled “Zehn Engelsgesänge” (Story One publishing, 2021).
She lives in Paderborn, Germany, and despite of having to quit the study of mathematics at university because of severe health problems, she continues to be interested in the mathematical structures underlying the human being and nature.
Melanie is also a passionate piano player and a very curious person that will never lose her joy in life.

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