Kew, Victoria

Smokers are really good at Quitting, its the staying Quit they have trouble with. This is where we can help retrain your subconscious mind so you do NOT feel the desire for cigarettes.

This technique is proven effective with the majority of clients after only one consultation of 90 minutes. This system works, but as with anything, YOU have got to want to Quit and be ready to Quit.

Most smokers want to quit, who wouldn't, given the health implications of smoking. But it can feel like a lot of hard work. It doesn't have to be.

What about the cravings, the urges, being around other smokers, how will I cope with that, I hear you say...

All of those things that once triggered you to smoke are addressed before and during the hypnosis.

We use a technique that enables the person to focus intensely without paying attention to external stimulation such as a car or truck going by, or a door closing in the distance, a buzzing in the room. It is the same kind of focused state that enables you to be completely engrossed in a book or television, where the passing sound of a loud truck or motorcycle doesn't even register in your conscious mind at all. You are somewhat oblivious to other stimuli.

You are not anaesthetised nor are you in a zombie like state. Its a lovely deeply relaxing state.

Everyone deserves to quit smoking now.

The subconscious mind is the 'operating system' of your body's 'computer' that runs your whole body likes, dislikes, habits, the whole bit. When I do a hypnosis session with you I work with that part of your mind.

Just like a computer programmer works to program and re-program computers, I'm a specialist re-programmer for the part of your mind that craves cigarettes.

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