I've been writing and working on craft for over twelve years. Being a three time graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature and an active member of SCBWI and CBI has brought forth, great friends, much knowledge, and many opportunities to publish. My passion for writing is like a wild vine... growing. There are fresh new shoots sprouting all the time, they tend to sprawl in different directions that cause me to think I haven't found the best soil for me, quite yet. I have over a dozen articles published in various magazines about several different subjects and some work-for-hire books completed for Tangerine Press. I have also wrote stories and quizzes for Korean students (ESL, English as Second Language) for Reading Town, USA, NY. I've discovered that the waiting never gets easier. I sent my first middle grade camping novel out to three publishers and am hoping to hear something by the beginning the year. (3-6 months) UGH!