I always dreamed of being a writer, but never thought I could make money doing it. So, after earning a BA in English and honing my reading, analytical, and writing skills, I settled for a more "stable" career in ministry (joking, of course!), bringing my love for the written word to my Biblical studies as I learned Greek and Hebrew, Exegesis and Theology while getting an MA in Theological Studies.

I've worked in various ministry capacities in the church: children's minister, ministry staff (aka, "whatever needs doing"), ESL teacher, youth intern, and others.

Though this blog is mostly about classic literature, I will probably throw in some thoughts on writing, occasional theological musings, or my reflections on emotional health, psychology, philosophy, or cultural topics. I am a thinker and a lover of many things!

I am currently pursuing publishing my first children's novel while doing freelance writing (my profile here:

I like to paint (and may share some of them here someday!), enjoy the outdoors, learning, reading, and growing. I also love learning about other people and helping them to realize their gifts and potential.