A London born, Marketing Law Maverick -
Currently studying Postgraduate of Business law in the School of Law & Justice at the Southern Cross University & Masters of Marketing At Griffith University Business School
My background is in the advertising industry as a copywriter/ illustrator and later an Account executive with Artrage Creative.
Australian home-ed teacher
First and foremost- I am a Fine artist ( wearable art/ fashion/ mixed media/drawing/Painting/Sculpture)
Songwriter, poet, singer, public speaker and reader of children's books
Independent Journalist- at law- passionate about Community, Liberty, Culture, sustainability (Sustainable Fashion designer since NRA 2009), solidarity, unity, compassion, good design, freemasonry, brands, symbols, marketing, the media, truth, human rights and press freedom.
I have entered the world of brand law with a gusto.
A proud member of the Order Of the Eastern Star Sister -
I love My Lord Jesus, I just neglect Him sometimes, but all my good is because of Christ, anything not so good; is my doing, because I am on a massive learning curve.