I love the person I have become and I have worked hard to regain the sanity I lost as kid as the result of living with two people who were big enough to be adults, but damn they sure were dumb. Ive always been very bright and perceptive so I was always in tune to the unspoken and subtle bull shit they assumed I was too young to get.
I am introspective, deep, funny and passionate. Things bother me. I have a heart for the weak, broken and those who have never had anyone stand up and speak up for what is right. Let me be your voice and fight for you. People are turning into worthless turds concered only for themselves and have nothing in life to life for that means anything. A society who does not care for others, devalues anything worthty of character, who has no reason to be his best because he can get a free ride is one that will soon collapose from within and cease to exist.
The way we live and commmunicate is so fast paced, impersonal and meaningless.. Were all glued to the cell phones, wrappped up in ourselves and not engouhg intersrtt in others.
Behind the computer screen is the real you no one sees. Its a safe place for all the hidden pain you try so hard not to feel and it no longer works to defend the false you and why continue to hide from youtself?
I want to create a world where we speak to one another and share who we are with others.
What we need is human connection. Spiritual connection. We/I need to feel heard, validated and loved but who will listen?
When you have been able to find someone who shares what we feel, who has been there, who wants to listen to you, and who can make you feel loved for you, you will never feel alone again.