I am a survivor. My name anagrams to Neat Jokes, and life has played many jokes on me. Finally clawed my way to the top of the self-actualization pyramid and love the work I now do as my life's mission: design and make original puzzles and games. I call them "gamepuzzles" and have a registered trademark for that word. I've built an extensive website,, to house my creations and ideas.

Seeing systems take form, evolve and change is a big mental trip. On the side I hunt for memes--ideas that infest humans' brains and turn into belief systems. Human minds and thought systems offer the grandest puzzles in the known Universe. I'm working on a book about the power of memes. It will be controversial, iconoclastic, mordantly funny, and rational.

For extra money I proofread books and websites for generally grateful clients. For you language mavens, I uphold the vocative comma; hyphenate compound modifiers; have only one space after a period; use m dashes in moderation; and put punctuation inside or outside of quotation marks as the logic dictates. Color me "purist". I view with amusement the trendy new ways to abuse language, spelling and punctuation.