Wilmington, Delaware

Hello World, my name is TT, Just like you, I love to workout and also love to enjoy my lazy days where I... You know, workout in my mind. We all have those days. About 9yrs ago I decided to take charge of my life. After having a beautiful little girl I noticed that I packed on a wonderful 301b, now I'm not saying I was the most hideous thing walking because the guys loved it. But I didn't, I felt ugly, fat, and insecure. "Throw the whole person in the trash", I know that's a little extreme, but those were the emotions I felt. This is why I changed the way I thought. If I think I'm beautiful, then I'll believe I'm beautiful. If I think I'm worthless, thing those thought will manifest into the world. I'm hoping that you can change the way you view yourself too. Instead of imagining that perfectly round shape booty and abs, let's put in the "WERK" to get what we WANT. Let's take control of our lives and our minds. No more negative self-talk. If you want it, come get it. "It's a mental thing you wouldn't understand."