Wilmington, Delaware

Hello World, my name is Tiaana. Just like you, and you and you, I had personal problems that I had to overcome. My remedy for overcoming all me problems is simply dancing. Dancing makes me feel free at all times. I go into my happy place which is anywhere in my house, out in public, I blast the music and just move.

There were times when I didn’t know what my purpose was in life, so I wanted to give up. I was mad at GOD, and at the world. Since the age of 18, I’d struggled to find my true self, and what I loved to do. There were times I even felt helpless, worthless, and unloved, even when there were people in my corner rooting for me. I thought if my own father didn’t appreciate me, then why would others, mainly men. As I grew older, I decided to take control of my thoughts and take back my mind. I wanted to show the world that I was visible, that I have a purpose.

That purpose is to dance around the world and bless people with my beautiful gift and talents. I love helping people overcome obstacles that I thought were tough. But it was simply changing my mindset. That’s all I did. Now my mental health is at its best level it could ever be at. I feel balanced. Who would have thought, just thinking differently would take you to a different level in life. I know I belong here and I’m here to stay. So I always tell myself to keep pushing and never give up on myself no matter how hard life challenges you. Take charge of your own destiny. If You think You’re beautiful, then You’ll believe it. If You think You’re worthless, then those thoughts will manifest into the world. I'm hoping that you can change the way you view yourself too. No more negative self-talk. You have to also put in the “werk” to see the change. It won’t just come to you. “It's a mental thing you wouldn't understand."