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welcome to me, aka meonomous, scribbler and snapper, rhymer and worder, blogger and poet, watcher and listener, writing words, thinking thoughts, walking lots, sitting lots and frequently distracted...
(and… breath)… naturalist, anthropologist, gardener, experimental gentleman, yogalect, coffee-head, proglodyte, randometrician, otterologist, a cynical and a pessimist in one bag of skin and bones....
“my life as a piece of string” is my blog of ramblings and babblings, streams of flimsiness, strains of whimsiness, of nonsense unedited, and sometimes rhymes of kind of kinds
enjoy your visit to my hall of smoke and mirrors and remember to stop by the gift shop on the way out, I wouldn’t want you leaving empty-worded...

*please respect my ownership of my writings and photographs, music and sounds *

I've been posting words and images online since 2007 here and there and wherever and on Wordpress since 2013 which is now my main word-garden in which to cultivate and propagate, ponder and muse.


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