Full Name: Micah Riezl Pacheco Gonzales
Age: 21 years old
Religion: Christian
Professional License: Registered Psychometrician
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Location: Cavite, Philippines
Job Role: Fellow Candidate
Organizations: Teach for the Philippines
School Attended: De La Salle University-DasmariƱas
Advocacy: Christianity and Social Action
Interests: collecting and reading books, satisfying bread and sweets cravings, patronizing mainstream and pop culture trends, learning in all forms, engaging with diverse people all over the world, experimenting in fashion and aesthetics, making arts and crafts, working on a healthy lifestyle, keeping things structured and organized
Personal Vision: For me and other people to commit ourselves to Christ fully and enjoy the way of life that He's designed us to live.
Personal Mission: To delight in God and honor Him in every aspect of my life that He entrusts me to steward.

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