Randall A. Golden

Randy Golden has kept himself preoccupied as a pro bono internet content provider since 1999 across a leisure-time communication gamut from Usenet to message boards to social media. For nine years he helped run a geek website that once had its own Wikipedia page for a few months. He is a lifelong Indianapolis resident and the author of zero books to date, but has made cameos in a few "Special Thanks" sections at the end of other people's works. Since its inception in 2012 he has been the owner and sole proprietor of Midlife Crisis Crossover, an omnitopical geek niche blog blessed with occasional signifiant contributions by his wife Anne. He is terrible at networking and self-promotion, but can be spotted intermittently on Twitter as @RandallGolden. Views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of any other corporation, being, or party line.

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