I imagine you're like me. You probably, like me, want to go straight to what actually works- since everyone else seems to be looking for the gold on the surface. My team is lucky enough after 15 years to take on the MOST difficult migraines with ease (cluster headaches/hemiplegic migraines etc.).

Migraines get to the point where life becomes dysfunctional and unbearable for many people.
With so many treatments that do not work, it's hard not to feel discouraged.
The team at Texas Migraine Clinic treats MDs, neurologists, and many individuals in the "know" who actually don't know how to treat themselves.

We believe the Texas Migraine Clinic system is so good, that if it cannot treat patients with 95%+ pain relief, then surgery is the only alternative (in about 8% or less of cases).

To your health!

- Vince Turner