Hello. I am Duane. A pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my life. Its highs and its lows. There is much of each. I am one of three adopted biracial children. My parents David and Kathleen are of two wonderful and quite exceptional people. I also have two beautiful and extraordinary children Abigail and Lydia. I have spent a vast portion of my life in service and hospitality industries. And most that time getting high and/or drunk, desperately trying to fill a void. I have literally put just about anything in my body to do so. I am openly gay. Enjoy golf, music, dancing, movies, crosswords and cooking. I have zero expectations for this blog. Honestly struggling with how to set it up and use it. I fear this alone will complicate my recovery process. None the less, it has been suggested on several occasions and by many individuals that I had a voice and a story to share with others. Whether there is truth to this or not, what I now know is openly and honestly baring my soul, my thoughts and experiences has freed me from addiction. I can't keep what I won't share. With that said, if I am not sharing... start worrying. Thanks for popping in.