im 11 this year i'm 12 this week its not so happy and not so boring at all
i got one brother he 's in grade p.2 . my life is super complete normal and i really like it i'm also chirst but not full i love reading novels and like tv my first friend is Pun . i have located my other school it's not far from my home i like to study about parts of the body and stars it's amazing . I really love type when i was little kid i want to be a drawer . after i want to be a news reporter than my othr gave me an invise she want me to be a docter but i disagree most like right now i want to be a writer awsome . ok my uncle past away since last year i thinks my aunt she's japanese my cousons uh i dont know the older brother he in singapore and older sister she works as a docter i think so and the youngst brother he really love his oldes brother worksand the youngest sister her name is Mimi she ;'s 11 too same as mine so that all.