mikoyaki (Ethics)

1. Course: BA Film
2. Favorite Book: A Song of Achilles; Madeline Miller did what historians have been denying all along and what other novelist (or filmmakers) are afraid to do. She retold the famous Illiad as a romance betwen Achilles and Patroclus.
3. Nobody Knows (2004) by Hirokazu Koreeda, I love how despites it quietness, it still can bring so much to you.
4. Hirokazu Kore-ed has been my most favorite filmmaker simply because he don't need "fireworks" to make a remarkable film. He focuses on intimate interactions and the simple nuances of his actors/characters to deliver the story.
5. Sufjan Steves is my favorite singer because he's also a very good song writer, you can feel so many emotions all at once when you listen to his songs.
6. My favorite probably is tocino since it's very tasty.
7. I like reading books (novels) when I have the time.