Minal Dalal

Mumbai, India

Namaste all. I am Minal Dalal. I am a Co-Creator deeply in love with Life. All my life I have been fascinated and observing and experiencing how Life operates. How manifestations happen. How? Why? And gradually it lead me to the concept of 'Whole Life Science' the Science and Spirituality behind How potential life can actually be lived. What should be our essential being and how to live with it to reach out to our enhanced existence and eventually be a Universal being. This is my process to discover and establish Simple, Gentle, Creative and Natural processes and tools that can lead us to Whole. Life is effortless. So are the tools. Life in infinite and we are the infinite versions of same. We can live Infinite exfoliating our highest potentiality. And establishing same for me and all my human fellows is what my mission and passion is all about.

Life is lived highest when in wholeness. And I am venturing the wholeness, which is a forgotten Art. In my life what I have known and experienced is that attaining wholeness is a very gentle simple creative and natural process. It is as effortless as flower blooming or a tree growing. I intend to connect you to your wholeness with my processes and tools. Together we can live our highest potential life. Together We can realign and regain our wholeness.

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