I'll respond to whatever name you want to call me (within reason, don't be rude)!

My interests include, but are not limited to: puns, writing, Dungeons & Dragons, tormenting people with puns, anime, video games, horror, sarcasm, dark humor, and I guess friendship is a good thing to put here too.

My Superpower: I can find a theme song for anyone that will fit perfectly. Warning: may require spending an extended period of time in my presence.

How to make me happy instantly: buy me sushi. Or a skeleton. Even just the skull will do as long as I can drink things out of it. The realness of the skeleton and/or skull is not in any way correlated to happiness levels.

The most treasured joke in my joke collection: Did you hear the one about the haunted elevator? It was a great story--it really lifted my spirits.

My role among my friends: the creepy one, obviously.

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