Mico Orda

Quezon City

1. MA Media Studies in Film
2. A Tale for The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. Having a novelist as a lead can be tricky, and Ruth Ozeki portrays the lead who is loosely based on her (aside from
sharing the same name) pulls real life issues, insecurities, existential problems and there's that narrative explore what goes on the
the mind of novelist exploring a narrative and how she interprets a lost diary from 2011 tsunami in Japan ended up in the Canadian island of Cortes. The duality
of Ruth as an person, as a writer unveil in every page is exciting and I couldn't put the book down.
3. I'm Not There by Todd Haynes. His take on a Dylan biopic played by different actors, the age range and having Cate Blanchett play the character
is engaging, Haynes portrays the singer in an imaginative way that stays true to the singer-songwriter-poet and reminds us the biopic is an
experience of a human being and not a page-by-page life story.
4. Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Her writing is lively that she shares stories that you enjoy and lets you experience the fun, truths
about people lets your feel different emotions.
5. Thank you by Led Zeppelin. That song's lyrics speaks nuances of empathy.
6. Curry. Delectible, spicy, vibrant; it's easy to cook and do it in many ways.
7. Reading, cooking, film photography, MMA/Muay Thai