Miracle :)

Mumbai, India

Hello Bloggers !

This is a girl who herself Miracle. Ha ha ! And I love calling so..:)

So, am from India. Being brought up in Mumbai, I did my schooling and College in Mumbai itself. My family and friends call me and know me as an Engineer. I work as Digital Marketer + I Freelance.

Besides that, I write short stories, Writing series, poems, random thoughts, tiny tales or haiku in my free time.

I was hosting #MiracleChallenge at WordPress, which has total 5 challenges for writing a story or poem.

1. Write a short story using a prompt sentence.

2. Write a Poem using two prompt words.

3. Write a short Story using three prompt words.

4. Write a Short Story/ Poem using a prompt theme.

5. Write a Tiny Tale/ Poem in 5 or less sentences / lines using a Prompt Image.

Currently, It has been temporarily stopped due to time constraints. Hopefully, will be back if time permits.


Thank you for visiting my profile.

Have a good day !

Miracle :)

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