To be honest, I am Serialistically Melodramatic. My head is full of dreams and I am glad I am writing it down. ♥
Primarily a Software Engineer (Boring much?) My true self loves being a storyteller + Doglover (Hardcore) + Traveler + Painter + Dancer + Freelancer + Product Reviewer and Influencer. Multitasking throughout my life. That's how I roll.
If you want a bit of laughter in your life or if you’re looking for some travel contents or if you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, you are in the right place. Though I should warn I can be sarcastic but mostly I try to be witty and funny. To tell you the truth, it might be my defense mechanism to avoid uncomfortable situation. Anyways! Let’s just assume this to be a clever blog. Okay? Okay.
I Heart You All <3