I’m a shy extrovert. Yes that’s weird, but just trust me on this. I need to express myself verbally, be places where the action is; BUT new people and new social situations terrify me. Due to this strange personality phenomenon, I find myself attracted to coffee shops. Coffee shops give one the ability to be part of a crowd, but also be completely alone. Want to just read a book and sip? That’s socially acceptable. If you go to a bar, you can’t just sit there and watch – SOMEONE will approach you and want to know what your “story” is. Sometimes this is ok (when you’re with friends and are in a social mood), and sometimes you don’t want to deal with Danny Divorcee and his whiskey breath. Coffee shops can lend to some interesting conversations with strangers, but it’s normally easier to send a signal if you’re open to it or not.
I created this blog to explore the local coffee shops in and around DFW. Maybe some further out, depending on where life takes me. I hope to be able to give people a look at what’s around and decide for themselves if any place I explore is worth sitting at for a couple hours with a good book, or taking a friend for a serious chat. If you’re a coffee expert, I apologize, I am not. But I hope my insights are still helpful from a discovery and “finding a place to chill” standpoint. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as well, I am open to trying pretty much anything. Happy Sipping!