A few years ago, I found my true passion: books.

Read them, write them, I wanted everything to do with them. But the more that I tumbled into the book-loving realm where fiction ruled, the less I could relate to those in my everyday life. No one had read what I was reading. No one could offer their own thoughts on a piece that moved me.

And, quite honestly, I felt a little alone.

That’s why I started this blog. To connect with like-minded, book-obsessed individuals. To start a community and a conversation. To create a space where we could all be our best selves. Because books build me to my best, and I doubt that I’m the only one.

I wanted to offer insightful book reviews from a writer’s perspective. I wanted to offer my thoughts on a wide variety of books in different genres and help you, my fellow reader, determine what your next read really should be. And I wanted to give us all a place to talk about it. Because, in the end, none of us are alone.

With this blog, I hope to answer your simplest question: What should I read? And once you’ve read it, come back and tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear them.

Character Quirks: I love bulldogs. Breakfast food is my savior. Rain is my relaxer. I run when I'm stressed. I sleep-in on the weekends. I'm a perpetual night owl. I'm fiercely loyal. I prefer tea. My favorite Disney movie is The Beauty and the Beast. I hate bullies. I'm both a Daddy's Girl and a Mama's Girl. I love candles and mason jars and watching movie trailers. It's physically impossible for me to not sing along to the radio.