Roxby Downs, South Australia

I am an Eastern Aranda, Luritja, English, Scottish, German and Swedish woman with strong cultural ties and values.

The creative process for me is one that is both automatic and emotional. The majority of my works are inspired by my heritage and the legacy of my Great Grandmother Eliza Gordon (Eastern Aranda). I become overwhelmed with emotion from the impacts of colonisation, racial discrimination and human rights injustices, painting alleviates my historical wounds.

“My purpose in life is to work with people to co-create mutually respectful relationships, particularly between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Cultural safety for every human soul is essential and by delineation concerns the environs born out of our interactive behavior and perceptions based on our individual reflexivity; meaning, we all must have a unique understanding of our own personal culture, and of how our own personal cultural values impact upon others, especially in regard to our interpretations, beliefs and subconscious reckoning as we make our way about in the world, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.” ~ Nicola Butler 2017

Art for me is soul food. Art-making is meditation and medication in action. It nourishes my craving for beauty, clarity and harmony, creating is cathartic. Like life, painting is constant movement - constant change. The creation process allows my emotions to spill out onto my canvas and release.

I am in love with the physical act of painting, the preparation of my tools of trade, mixing colours and tempering consistency to perfection brings immense joy. Creating works of art with specific people in mind or seeing my art bring pleasure to other souls is a wonderful feeling.

I am always looking for ways to stretch my creativity and would love to work on a personally inspired project just for you. Please contact me to discuss ideas, possibilities, time-frames and options.

I love experimenting with colour and texture. I enjoy fine line work and have an eccentric passion for circles.

I use my bare hands along with everyday household items including sticks, palette knives, chopsticks from Japan, chopsticks from the local shop, purposely made dowels, paints from New Zealand, doilies lovingly crocheted by my Great Grandmother Ivy in the early 1900’s, sea sponges, Lego, Plasticine, potatoes, scrapers, thousands of brushes, stones, bark, door stoppers, pins, needles, jam bottles, a magic toy wand (my Son doesn’t know!), kitchen utensils and malleable welding wires to develop my creations.

When practicing dotwork I use single, double and triple dots creating varying levels of intricate complexity in my works. Any circle I see in the house can be utilised in my creations.

Creative expression is one of the keys to practicing mindfulness and balancing my spirit. Painting brings my ideas to life through imagination, observation, reflection, action and practice, transforming the mundane. I feel as though each creation challenges me and takes me to new levels.

The materials I use include Acrylic Paints, Single Stretched Canvas, Professional Series Double Thick Stretched Canvas, Rolled Canvas, Canvas Board, Wood Plaque, Synthetic Canvas, Up-Cycled Frames with Glass, Vases, Pots, Plate and Walls.

Miyani & Miyani Spirit | What is Miyani? Miyani is my son’s Traditional Name and is very fitting for his soul and journey in this current lifetime. He is spiritual and knowing well beyond his physical years. He is a healer.

The Miyani concept in relation to Miyani Arts | Wondrous creatures Miyani. Creatures that speak without tongue. Their language is Miyani. A private language. They make people happy because wherever they are they are having fun or adventure. Even in fire they speak. Their faces grace the ends of long dancing tendrils of flame. Sparks in the night smile as their little Miyani faces glitter at those watching. Miyani are everywhere and everything. Always human imagination seeks them out. A life force. Nothing like a Miyani to brighten a dull day. Can't miss Miyani you just need to look inside yourself. Can’t ignore Miyani Spirit you just need to feel with truth and integrity. They appear in your mind, in paintings, on coffee cups, postcards, walls, cars and textiles. You can find Miyani Everywhere! ~ The verbal description of Miyani was brought to life in conversation with a wonderful friend, Daryl Press who is the proud owner of an original Miyani Arts Painting called Trevor :)

Copyright | Copyright © Nicola Butler, Miyani Arts 2017
Miyani and Miyani Spirit Concept is my personal Intellectual Property. The IP resides with me as the Artist and no draft, image, concept or story can be used or reproduced without extensive discussion and specific written consent from me, Nicola Butler, Miyani Arts.

As the Artist, copyrights to original/printed/digital sketches, images and artworks remain with me. Copyright does not transfer with sale. My artworks are my intellectual property IP - I expect that integrity and respect will be upheld in regards to illegal misrepresentation or copying of my works, Thank you!

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