I'm a single mother of 2 girls: Gracie age 13 and Freya age 9.
Though I may be young at heart and in my mid 30's, i traveled a path of self destruction beginning at a young age. In the beginning more so from lack of knowledge or guidance per say, than eventually influence, and eventually by my own choices and mistakes. Although, I was lucky and fortunate enough to be given a second chance and rerouting my path. Even though I went through alot of pain, and experienced many struggles and obstacles most humans would rather not or have not, I would change a thing. It has shaped me into who I am today, allowing me to share my experiences, and my knowledge to those who need it most. Of course my main reason being my two girls, who have taught me so much about love, life and even myself. This blog is for anyone who is going through tough times or feeling alone, so that you can maybe get just a little inspiration and hope through my stories and my positive tips, quotes, poems, and content that I've learned along the way. If I can do it , any of you can also. I will be covering specific topics that I feel are important and need to be shared, as well as the one's that are most personal to me that I can relate with. Please feel free to suggest any topics I haven't yet covered.

Your friend
and soul sister

PS. Life before Grace, is my book not yet published.....Grace actually represents my first born daughter Gracie Anna.
Life before Grace ....COMING SOON!!