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What You Should Consider Prior to Investing in Mobile Home Door Locks and Doorknobs

The Desired Security Level

In general, before even considering décor and elegance, security should take pole position.

Different doors and doorknobs come in different designs, different materials, and in varying strengths. This means some types are in fact more vulnerable in terms of guarding against unpermitted entry, vandalism, and in terms of becomingan easy target for a burglary.

Should your mobile home be a host of many valuables, you’ll want high-grade locks and doorknobs on your doors, particularly so for the front door, all exterior doors, and perhaps for specific interior doors, too. You might also consider investing in door locks or locksets that serve a dual purpose of enhancement of security in addition to the provision of privacy.

The Current Lockset Type

In terms of replacing the existing locks and doorknobs on your mobile home, you should note whether the lockset is cylindrical or mortise. Why so? Because, for example, should the lock be cylindrical and you go ahead and invest in a mortise lock, to successfully install the brand-new lockset you will have to drill a separate hole.

Door Type and Thickness

Particularly so with respect to replacement locks, a consideration for the type of construction material used in the door should be made. That is because there are certain lock types that are designed only for installation on metallic doors, and others that are solely suited to wooden doors.

Also of critical importance is that of door thickness. In general, in terms of the industry standard, the thickness for mobile home doors ranges between 1.2 inch and 1.75 inch. That said, the exterior door can indeed be somewhat thicker. All the same, prior to embarking on a shopping trip, do note the thickness of every door you wish to purchase a lock for.

The Door’s Opening Mechanism

Also worthy of note is the direction in which the mobile home door opens. As an example, the left-hand door opens towards you, while the knob is positioned to the left side. Should the door open towards you and the knob is positioned to the right side, you have a right-hand door. Quite unlike locksets with knobs, the majority of curved lever locks are non-reversible.

The Backset Dimension

When locks and knobs are being installed, normally the holes are drilled in the door’s edge, on the door’s face, or in both. The distance that exists between the edge of the door and the center of the knob’s hole is referred to as the “backset dimension.” It is essential to note this measurement prior to making an investment when buying door locks and knobs for your mobile home.