Toronto, Canada

I am an abstract artist, mental health advocate, cat mom, and I live a slow lifestyle.

I bring my imagination to life on my canvases with mixed media. It has been a wonderful experience rediscovering my love for creating evocative work. Abstract holds a challenge that I openly embraced as a child who created intricate drawings, and continue to today across a wider spectrum of styles and mediums.

Throughout the majority of my teenage years and continuing into my adult life, I have had mental health challenges with chronic depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These are things that I struggle with on a daily basis. I discovered a number of different groups and people on social media that discussed mental health and found that they created a safe place for me and others to openly talk about our struggles. That inspired me to stop living in the shadows and hiding my pain.

Now, I allow myself to be vulnerable and talk about my mental health to help others know that they’re not alone. There can never be too many mental health advocates. That was something I discovered while battling my thoughts of feeling insufficient and unworthy of sharing my message with the world, until feedback from a number of my early posts showed me that they had made a difference to some who read them.

Life can be so quick and impatient, especially for someone who struggles with mental health issues. I realized that in order for me to be happy I needed to slow things down and take one day at a time. I choose to not overwhelm myself with more tasks than I can handle. This has allowed me to be very intentional about the things I put my time into, whether it’s my art, writing, posting on social media, or traveling. I want to enjoy the things I do in a soft and meaningful way.