A forty something wife, mother of 3 grown up children, and Grandmother to two little ones. I have 4 English Springer Spaniels too, (Mad ? Yeah, i know...)
Survivor of grade 3, triple negative breast cancer and still battling with related health issues, depression, lymphodema, brain fog, brain fog. Oh, and did i mention brain fog....? I have fibromyalgia too, so that's nice...
I have always had a very keen practical interest in witchcraft since i was about 11 years of age, mostly traditional, but am not fussy.. well, most of the time. I am also a member of OBOD. I started on my journey, studying the bardic grade about two years ago, and well, Dear brain fog, or Foggy as i call it has held me back from remembering anything that goes in.. Sooo, that's me.