Three years ago, I've quit my finance job in the corporate world to focus more on motherhood. Excited to embark on this new journey in life. All along, I thought having no boss but myself and no deadlines and just two kids to take care of, I'd be able to tackle and adjust easily. I wasn't prepared to be in a whirlwind of feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

This gave way for me to go back to basics and found out how Self-Care helped me enormously in finding satisfaction and at last have that dream come true of having a joyful motherhood journey.

Knowing there's a lot of mother's going through and feeling the same, I took this passion for Women's Self-Care in order to help others and make a difference.

I truly believe in the Filipino saying, "Ang Nanay ay ilaw ng tahanan", which means Mothers is the light of the home. Mothers wear different hats to make sure a household works. That's why it's essential for mothers to have that proper Self-Care for them to be able to do more.

Having the knowledge and understanding that Self-Care is beyond what most know which is to relax, have a vacation, or go to the spa is what I aim to change. There's much more to Self-Care that we can mostly apply in our daily life and not even spend a cent to achieve yet have the same, if not, more satisfaction in the long run if done.

Check out my website to learn more about Self-Care and my courses you can take to improve your own or you can also follow me in Instagram: @themommywithagoal for daily motivation and inspiration.

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