Sapna Abhishek

Hi! I’m Sapna!

This blog journey began when my daughter is born.

I started this site as a goal for how we wanted to raise her.

My husband and I feel we will succeed as parents if my kid will become healthy and happy.

Perhaps you have this same vision.

YET, how can we expect that from our kids if we don’t first embody that ourselves?

The reality is that our children will follow our example, not our advice.

First, I share content that helps you find the steps needed to live your extraordinary life – as a mom, and as a unique growing person.

I believe it’s time someone put moms first. And focused on our health and happiness(along with that of our family)

Next, I hope my articles give you inspiration. Even if it’s to take one baby step in the right direction.

And finally, the blog is here to share all her personal experiences involved in the journey of Motherhood.

Be it Mom tips, home remedies for babies and toddlers, baby food recipes, self care tips, baby product reviews or baby food charts month wise, I am here to help you out.

For any queries and PR requests, drop me a mail at


Along with taking care of my family and writing this blog, I am an Engineer. I own a Preschool in Bangalore City, India. (And really, I’m an obsessive learner)

In my personal life, I live in Bangalore City with my awesome husband and one beautiful daughter.

You can catch us on Instagram @sapnaabhishek to check out more.