Renee Sheldon

Southbay, CA

Hi everyone, my name is Renee Sheldon and I am a mom to three amazing children. I currently work as a preschool teacher and enjoy spending a lot of time with those cute little guys!

When I’m not at work, I am just like any other busy mom driving my kids to and from school, soccer practice, gymnastics and a billion other places. Between the kids and their activities I don’t have much free time but when I do I enjoy going to the gym, spending time outdoors, and more importantly relaxing on the beach with a book.

Up until a few months ago, I was a stay-at-home mom and although I got to spend every waking moment with my children, I knew I had more potential than just folding laundry, following orders, and having to answer the constant question of, “What do you do all day?”...

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