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Welcome to Eat, Click, Travel and Repeat!

I am Prajakta Sathe. I love travelling, exploring new places, cuisines and photography. Even better is documenting these experiences and reliving them again.

This blog started many years back, even though I am finding it's groove quite recently. I have travelled more now to document them in a defined fashion. The reason for starting this blog was first and foremost personal, of documenting my experience, but over time I have realised I can write them in such a manner which might be hopefully helpful for others to plan their journey as well.

Professionally, I am trained as a Researcher (completed Postdoc, PhD) in biological sciences and that remains as my other love. Other pursuits include photography, gardening, painting and leading a healthy life.

Hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to reach out to me via any of the social media links provided on the website. I would love to hear from you, your crazy, funny travel experiences!

I am open to any collaborative guest blogs, freelance articles on this current theme. Please do not use pictures without permission.