Collinsport, Maine

Actor/writer/comedienne and well-nigh miffed with the lack of communication on the internet to support enjoyment rather than hate-mongering and time-wasting.

Mission Statement: Communication with the lonely and the suffering first and foremost. Secondary? Healing Collinsport.

Occupation: actor/writer/comedienne (Yes, here you will see the text, but that is not all that I do.)

Previous occupations: High School Teacher for (Severely) Emotionally Disturbed High School students. Vision Therapist. (VT is much like Physical Therapy, but for the eyes and comprehension of what is seen and understood. This incorporates practices like Occupational Therapy as well.) Readings in audio for

The main purpose in posting here is to keep The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows audio project going. For me reading is not something to do to waste time but to enhance and enrich one’s purpose and being. I do not see conflict as the sole purpose of story-telling. I create morality plays that contain humour. Humour provides stimulus to the brain that increases the capacity for memory. For some of us text isn’t the best way of imbibing literature clearly. For some audio is not only better but necessary. (Much testing is provided in audio for this reason.)

Reviews for me are not to gain popularity nor get a wider audience but to understand the view points of my audience’s enjoyment and maintain an organized record of it. Also, as a comedienne, most of the purpose in sharing one’s humourous work is to see the audience’s reaction. In over three years of giving my best I rarely see or hear that reaction. Most of what I do see is shy people too nervous to say much, folks hoodwinked that reviews mean they have to be something on the order of Siskel & Ebert (no thanks) or looking for every last flaw in the world to result in bash-critiquing. I also see people being distracted with trying to imbibe too much online and losing the ability to comprehend much nor correspond harmoniously with each other. This is a severe problem as our current technology and advanced mode of living has been created mostly with the ability to communicate and correspond efficiently, as well as for the pleasure of each others company. (In so many words, we are spitting on our ancestors gifts to us: the future generation they longed to know would succeed and thrive.)

The characters I have adopted to channel into my psyche takes a great deal of concentration and effort. If you’ve ever watched documentaries on how such artists maintain the ups and downs, as well as the high-stress level of performers you’ll find I work in the same way. The only difference is I do it for free, as well as spend what money I have on it. This is not said to impose guilt on anyone, but to explain for the hope you will understand what you are getting in my work and struggle.

Also, I do not own a car. I stress this because many people do not recognize what kind of a “universe” that leaves a person in socially. They are often neglected and left to a cold online world that keeps managing to get colder and more aloof or petty. If some bloggers and writers wish to see numbers and make up some idea of what others are thinking? Not my problem. Popular opinion? Again, not my problem. The human heart in conflict with itself? That’s my problem, as well as seeking to help others with loneliness, depression or any other ailment which creates a feeling of abandonment. There are too many of us alive with this kind of technology that such things should be left to “just happen”.

I prefer an engaged group of people who are going to share the journey and their perspective because discussion and consultation is important to me as well as the growth of ability in others. So is problem-solving, which is what this Spooky Multi-Fandom with a Dark Shadows base is all about. How do we stop making things worse, wallowing, complaining or pretending it’s all fine, and begin isolating how to take the tools provided and build community again? Book club style is where I’m at. I hope you are too.


Well, I guess it's time to focus on pen pals more now that the proof is in the pudding. The internet for "The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows" is likely off-balance, though worth the attempt. The postal service must be it's true source of connection. I hope I catch the postman next time he drops by. I can't wait to tell him. :)

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